We are a truckload carrier serving
the Southeast & Midwest and have 33-53ft vans and 13 trucks.

Let Us Help With Your Trucking and Hauling Needs

We have customers in the Dallas, Texas area that we deliver loads for across the Country and we find broker loads back to Dallas, Texas area.


We’ve ran long-hauls on America's highways since 1982.

While others are shrinking truckload fleets Cecil L Wilkins remains committed to moving your full truckload freight from one end of North America to the other and we just keep getting better. We have the capacity and flexibility to cover distances across North America and the resources to ensure your cargo will arrive at its scheduled destination on-time.


We cover all your short-haul regional freight with one call to Cecil L Wilkins.

We’ve been running truckload freight for more than 38 years and Cecil L Wilkins is no stranger to short-haul. That’s why we have a team of drivers and a fleet of equipment running in tightly defined regions throughout Texas and the US. One call to O.J. Johnson and you get local drivers who know the region. If you’re a local short-haul shipper there is no better choice than Cecil L Wilkins to get all the benefits of a big carrier focused solely on your regional business.

Whether you’re stuck with a last-minute schedule change or an emergency shipment that just has to arrive on time, Cecil L Wilkins have you covered. We have the trucks, the teams and the network you need to pick up your truckload, move it quickly, and put your mind at ease.